“How many deaths are we to receive from the mainland?”


KANGPOKPI, July 22: Around 1000 people, coming from various walks of life including students, frontal organisation leaders, social leaders, women organisations representatives, religious leaders, and businessmen gathered at Traffic point, Senapati Bazaar to show solidarity to the bereaved families of late KWilungbou Chawang, Oklong Village and A. Salouni, who were brutally murdered at South Delhi, the national capital of India.

Wilungbou Chawang, hailing from Manipur was found dead inside a drain in Chirag Dilli, South Delhi, recently.

LR John, ex-president, SDSA and SDSA tribunal general in his condolence speech said that they cannot remain as silent spectators when their own brothers from their own neighborhood were being killed mercilessly.

Vice president of the NPO, Adakho questioned what good will be there to go to Delhi for higher education if so many talented scholars are killed without any mercy and “How many death bodies are we yet to receive from mainland?”

He also urged the public to stand firm till justice is brought.

Paul Leo, Convener, Alternative Arrangement and an ex-President, UNC, said that the two were mercilessly killed like an animal in the jungle. Various cases of murder, assault, harassment, rapes etc. on people coming from the North East were reported every now and then just because, they come from the NE.

People from the NE at Jantar Mantra, New Delhi and different places in the NE light candles to denounce the killings, stating “Enough is enough” of such killings, assaults, harassments, rapes etc. on people of the NE in general.

The AA convener also questioned the central Govt. why they are still slumbering when uncountable such incidents were meted out to the people, coming from the NE region and why people from the NE, India are targeted in every metro cities of India.

If India thinks it is not complete without the North Eastern States, the convener continued, the central Govt. also should protect the precious lives of the people coming from the NE.

A John, Town committee President, commented that people of the NE too, should think of how to survive on their own if such killings, tortures, harassments, etc. are to continue likewise.

He asked the general public to wait and watch what the central Govt. will do in future for the protection of the people coming from the NE region. The gathering came to an end after paying condolence to the two departed souls.


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