Ivalley Talks 2014 – Inspiration plus Ideas!


Ivalley Talks – Looking for Inspiration and Ideas

What is Ivalley?

Ivalley is a youth oriented forum which aims to contribute to the youths and humanity by providing chance to be inspired and keep the fire of hope lit. Inspiration and Ideas are the founding pillars of Ivalley. Its main objective is to provide a platform to new ideas and concepts and share it with the global audience through various social media. Ivalley hopes to reach out a helping hand to new ideas and stories through its platform by recognizing talent and promoting them in the social media. Ivalley not only aims to inpire but also to aspires to help in guiding the youth and soceity towards a better future.


Concept and Vision

At times, the heart does things for reasons which reason cannot understand. And the “I” in every person carefully crafts to intertwine ideas which inspire the rationale and our heart’s desires to form the sublimed Individual. From the common man to a terrorist, the truth is always different for what is true to you could be not true to another. But on another level, both the common man and the terrorist have an idea of their own truth. Adolf Hitler was a man who believed in his idea of truth whereby truth to him was love and pride for the Germans and to create a Utopia. Even though his methodology was harsh, he had followers because he had an idea so great which inspired many Germans. So what is an Idea? A concept, thought, opinion, theory; intention, plan, goal; impression; vague supposition. . . From the smallest ones of an idea of a child to steal a cookie to big ones of suppose, creating a piece of art, the idea of the child stealing the cookie may be in such an unequaled unrivaled manner which inspires. Ivalley talk is a platform which will provide the child a chance to share.


What is Ivalley talks?

Ivalley talks is an independently organized talk event . The goal of the event is to bring together bright minds to give talks that are Idea-focused, and on a wide range of subjects ,to foster learning , inspiration and wonder- and provoke conversation that matters. This event will be host twice annually throughout Northeast , to spread ideas of Northeast around the Globe. Its a long-term project please join us in this visionary Project.


Ivalley Talk 2014
Ivalley Talk 2014

SPEAKERS of Ivalley talks 2014:

1. Kishalay Bhattercharjee – journalist,author, trainer.

2. Kamesh Salam – founder South Asian bamboo Foundation.

3. Robert Naorem – Celebrity Stylist &Designer.

4. Dr. Shantikumar meetei – Mr.World 2013(INBA).

5. Niranjan Lairenjam – Social Entrepreneur.

6. Guru Rewben – Folk singer.

7. Limaben Jamir – Initiator NEI Model United Nations.

8. Photography exhibition by “Manipur Photography club”

Also featuring ‘The Koi” the upcoming band of Manipur.


Date & Time: 11 A.M 12 July 2014.

Venue: Sangai Hall , Hotel Imphal.


Entry through Registration.

Rs.150 only/

Refreshments will be Provided.

Register at Elle’s Cake and Bakery shop, opposite Law college, And Kahve , Above khemran fast food Thangmeiband. Imphal.


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