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Khangabok public rallies against CAW

THOUBAL, July 10: Public of Khangabok constituency took out a massive rally today protesting the unprecedented rise in the number of crimes against women and children and demanding protection of women and the girl child in the State.

The trend of increasing crimes against women and the girl child needs to be raised during the State Assembly session for serious discussion, said Human Rights Alert executive director Babloo Loitongbam.

He said the civil societies of the State should also strongly demand the discussion of the issue during the upcoming session.

Babloo was speaking at a public meeting held at the end of the rally at Khulakpam Leikai Aeigya lala Mandop, Khangabok.

The rally organised by the Women Action for Development alongwith the meira paibis of Khangabok Part I and II was flagged off from Khangabok Lamlong Keithel.

Participants that include meira paibis, nisha bands and women erupted into loud sloganeering during the rally and voiced concern over the spate of crimes in the State.

Some two years ago, there were only reports of armed cadres being shot dead, however, the trends have dramatically changed to killing, raping and molestation of women, children, Babloo observed during the meeting.

The trend of such shoot-outs which in the past were frequently reported in the State has today been subdued after the Supreme Court of India turned its attention on such reports, he said before adding that it was a consequence of group effort.

Instead of condemning and demanding justice for a single case, if the people could unite to take up all the cases together, the voice could reach the government, he said.

The police are more concern with their counter insurgency operations, neglecting on the social security of the women and children, he observed.

The failure of the concerned authorities to provide justice to the killing of Thangjam Manorama even after 11 years is a clear example that the State is reeling under AFSPA, he continued.




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