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More than 6000 congregated at Kpi rally

KANGPOKPI, July 4: As part of the Kuki Inpi Manipur proposed ‘peaceful protest rally’ taken out today in eight selected locations in the State, thousands of Kuki people from Kangpokpi and its adjoining areas also joined the rally at Kangpokpi to show their solidarity in the demand for justice “long denied to them”.

More than 6000 Kuki people congregated at Brig Thomas Ground, Kangpokpi this morning around 11 am before marching towards the addl DC complex to submit a memorandum though the United Naga Council (UNC) has expressed serious concern over KIM’s proposed rally.

Addressing the crowd Dr S Chongloi, secretary Kuki Movement for Human Rights, a delegate of Kuki Inpi Manipur at Kangpokpi rally today pointed out that the United Naga Council on October22, 1992 served a ‘Quit Notice’ duly signed by the then UNC president RK Thekho and secretary Francis to the Kuki people settled in Manipur to flush out the Kukis from their land before adding that the same ‘Quit Notice’ copy was openly given to the State Government through DC, SDO and the central government while it was also published in all leading newspapers of the State.

The Quit Notice warned the Kuki people to face the ugliest form of torment if they (the Kuki) failed to desert their land within a stipulated time continued Dr S Chongloi while pointing out that the governments glaring apathy and negligence towards the open warning against the Kukis led to the slaughter of 905 innocent Kukis, including children, men, women and the aged; uprooting of 360 villages; and displacement of around 1,00,000 people who were still denied to go back to their own villages by the NSCN-IM in 1993.

The Nagas are not fighting against the Kukis, Dr S Chongloi asserted before adding that such ‘criminal and genocidal acts’ of the NSCN-IM towards the innocent Kuki is a direct challenge to the Government of India and desiring independence for the Nagas.

Dr S Chongloi further continued that with Government of India remaining a mute spectator, the traditional Kuki apex body Kuki Inpi had to be revived on June 29, 1993 where three solid resolutions were adopted by the Kukis.

As per the resolution when UNC was called upon for clarification of the murdering, they blatantly kept mum saying that the NSCN-IM forbid them from saying anything, Dr S Chongloi added.

He said the Meitei also disagreed with the terror unleashed by the NSCN-IM upon the Kukis when asked.

The Kukis then asked the Government of India to deliver Justice to those innocent Kuki killed; uprooted villages and those displaced Kuki people who are still unable to go back to their own villages with more than 60 memoranda already submitted in this regard, noted Dr S Chongloi.

He added that even United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, UNPFII came to acknowledge the plights of the Kukis and the terror acts of NSCN-IM when Black Day was observed and a mass protest rally had been carry out on January 10, 1996 at the State capital demanding the Government of India to first settle the grievances or the plight of the Kuki people with justice.

Today’s rally is a continuation of the said 1996 Imphal rally with the same demand after 18 years asserted Dr S Chongloi while affirming that now if the Government of India fails to settle the plights of the Kukis with justice before they reached any possible agreement with the NSCN-IM Government of India would be assumed as ‘Murderer, destroyer and disarticulator’.

The Kuki traditional policy is non-communal, peaceful co-existence and justice for all, he said while adding that KIM’s movement is for justice, peace and harmony.

The congregate marched towards the addl DC Complex via NH-2 and later submitted a Memorandum of Protest Rally to Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi through addl DC, Sadar Hills, Senapati district by Seikhomang Khongsai and N. Sehjalien Gangte, president and secretary respectively of Kuki Inpi Sadar Hills in the presence of Dr S Chongloi on behalf of the Kuki people.

The rally witnessed placards reading, “Settle first the plights of victimized Kukis”, “NSCN-IM committed war crime, NSCN-IM is terrorist”, “No Fencing in the Middle of Hill Independent Country”, “Justice delayed is justice denied”, etc. by the participants.

The memorandum implored the Prime Minister to understand and first settle the plight of the Kuki people before any possible agreement with the NSCN-IM and urged the PM to instruct the responsible authority to serve and restore justice while expressing hope that the Prime Minister’s immediate intervention will usher in peace and harmony while the people will see the light of justice.

Copies of the same memorandum has also been address to Secretary General, UN, Geneva Ban Ki Moon; Chief Secretariat, UNPFII, New York, UN HQs; all Chief Ministers of the North Eastern States; National Human Rights Commission, New Delhi.

Today rally at Kangpokpi was also participated by members of Kuki Inpi Gunhom Lhang, Kuki Inpi Twilang Lhang, Kuki Inpi Twibul Lhang, Kuki Inpi Moltam Lhang, Kuki Students’ Organization Sadar Hills, KWU Sadar Hills, Kangpokpi Town Committee, Kangpokpi Women Welfare Organization and Kangpokpi Youth Union apart from various other CSOs and the general public.




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