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O Joy flays State MPs for being silent on State issues

Imphal,July 10: The address of a President after the formation of a new government is important in a parliamentary democracy like India. But it is unfortunate that President Pranab Mukherjee’s address while introducing the Narendra Modi led Government didn’t mention important issues of Manipur, former Manipur People’s Party president Okram Joy said.

At a press meet in the Manipur Press Club this afternoon, the veteran politician said the address of the President, or Governor of a State, are of great importance while preparing policy documents of the government, adding that the Parliament is the mirror of public opinion and expectations from the Government.

Recently, the NDA government announced its 100 days action policy programme but, unfortunately, the President’s address didn’t mention the sensitive issues of Manipur, he said, adding that however, it’s good that the budget talked about developing more railways and roads in the North-East region.

Asking whether the issues of more than 14 years fast by Irom Sharmila demanding the repeal of AFSPA and the border dispute with Myanmar shouldn’t be top priorities of the State, he bemoans why the two MPs from Manipur remain mute in such situation.

Stressing that the boundary dispute with Myanmar can be solved by proving the State’s legitimate claims by showing official documents, O Joy said the Governor VK Duggal in his address also didn’t touch upon important issues such as the border dispute with Myanmar, land used policy and implementation of ILP etc.

The Governor’s address didn’t mentioned rapid urbanisation and road widening projects affecting the environment and fertile paddy fields, he added.

As per the Indian Constitution, any person can stay anywhere in the country; so, the influx of outsiders are increasing day by day in the state, he said, adding that if this trend continues the indigenous people will become refugees after a few decades.

Pointing out that Inner Line Permit System is the need of the hour, he stated: “Even when the Sangai is protected in its natural habitat at Keibul Lamjao, why shouldn’t we have any protection?”




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