Okendro announces wages raise for CAF & PD; labourers


IMPHAL, July 30: Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution (CAF&PD) minister, M. Okrendro has today announced to raise the wages of the labourer of the CAF & PD engaged at the Sangaiprou Godown from August.

A statement circulated by the information cell of the minister maintained that the government is aware of the suffering endured by the labourers before clarifying that the labourers are not the responsibility of the concerned department but that of the concerned labour contractor.

Nevertheless, the department does not disown the labourers, clarified the minister adding that it has not stopped adopting welfare programmes for them.

It said that, the minister however rued the participation of women folk in the agitation of the labourers which has tarnished the image of the department.

Showing its concern, it said that a labour shed has been constructed within the godown complex besides blacktopping and other necessary development work have been taken up.

Clarifying on the matter of the wages, the statement acknowledged that the wages given to the labourers are not upto date, but said “Our hands are tied as a court case had compelled the department to continue the wage structure of 2000 till February last.”

With the contract having ended in February, a new labour contract will come into place, the statement added.

Further clarifying that the department has no hand in the recent arrest of the agitating labourer, preparation are made to implement the new wage structure, informed the Minister.



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