PREPAK greets on International Justice Day


IMPHAL, July 16: The outlawed People’s Revolutionary Party of Kangleipak has greeted the people of Manipur on the “International Justice Day”, in a statement signed by its Asst Secy, Publicity and Propaganda, LeibakNgakpa Luwang. The day will be observed on July 17 all over the world, which is an important observation for people who are suffering under atrocious regimes and struggling for justice, the statement said.

The statement said on this day people should take a unified stand to fight against genocide and crime of aggression, and against those who violate International Humanitarian Law to pave the way for justice and tranquility to prevail.

Representatives from various countries held Diplomatic Conference at Rome July 17 1998 and instituted “Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court”, which heralded for an international court that should belong to all people of the world by the end of 19th century. The resolutions taken in the said conference was validated on July 1 2002, which is a milestone maintained the statement.

Further, it recalled the trial of former Prime Minister of Rwanda; the trial of Liberia leader Charles Taylor by a special court of Sierra Leone, the trial of former Yugoslavia President at the International Criminal Tribunal for Yugoslavia against his war crime against the people of Albania, on June 28 2001 and the trial of Thomas Lubanga of Democratic Republic of Congo for his forceful induction of young juveniles into his movement, following which the International Criminal Court awarded 14 years imprisonment.

But on the contrary, the colonial Indian State has been trying to crush the legitimate self-determination movement of the people of Manipur by committing war crime, crime against humanity and crime of aggression. Instead, the Indian State has been trying to cover up its crimes to the international community by aspersing the movement as internal conflict, said the statement.

It is high time to galvanise the self-determination movement, in order to make the Indian State stand on the dock of International Criminal Court for its criminal activities, added the statement.



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