Purana Bazar licensed vendors block entry into Ema Keithel


IMPHAL, July 18: Women licensed vendors of Purana Bazar, Khwairamband continued its agitation today by blocking entry into the market complexes of Ema Keithel.

Speaking to media persons, Sorojini, one of the licensed vendors said: “Before the construction of the new building, we didn’t have any problem with one another but the unplanned project of the government has created only chaos.”

Alleging that the government is concerned only with beautifying the city and doesn’t have any empathy for the Purana Bazaar, she said as there are lots of street vendors outside the market, few people buy goods which are sold inside the market which inadvertently affects the income of licensed vendors.

It is hard to raise our children and run a family with the meagre income thus earned. Moreover, the street vendors also make the place dirtier and create more traffic congestion, she added.

She further said that they will continue the agitation until the government brings a solution for the issues while also raising a question whether isn’t the responsibility of the government to help the people when they are in need.

The licensed vendors have demanded the government to settle the issue on time so that even the street vendors can also have a separate place to earn their livelihood.



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