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Report points at Al Qaeda targeting youth from the State

IMPHAL, July 17: In what could be a great concern for the nation, especially the Government of Manipur, a newly launched Delhi based monthly magazine “First World” (in its first edition) reported that atleast 23 Muslim youth have been recruited by the world’s top terror group Al Qaeda in two batches in the last few months.

According to the First World report, the recruitment was done in two batches- 17 youth in the first and 10 others in the second batch.

All the recruited youth were from Lilong area under Thoubal district of Manipur, the largest Muslim inhabited area in the State. However, sources have confirmed that four of the youth have returned to their native places, according to the report.

It reported that after the recent recruitment, the recruitment agents of the terror group are continuing to target more youth from the region especially Assam and Manipur.

The new recruits are sent to the outfit’s centres in South East Asia for trainings and later deployed in hot beds of “Holy Wars” of the terror groups like Kashmir, Syria and Iraq, according to the report.

The 23 youths were reportedly recruited by one Mohamad Habibullah, a resident of Lilong adding that the agents use illegal drug money to lure the youths.

The youths have been identified as Md Altaf, 29, son of late Md Sanou of Lilong Bazaar, Md Shouhid, 22, son of Md Ningthem of Litan Makhong, Md Waha, 21, son of late Jane of Lilong Litan, Md Kaku, 21, son of late Md. Amubi of Litan Makhong, Md Ibungo, 21, Lilong Leihaokhong, Md Anis, 19, Haoreibi Awang Leikai, Md Rais, 19, son of Md Nahamcha of Lilong Chegaipokpi, Md Farid Khan, 22, Haoreibi Awang Leikai, Md Achouba, 24, son of Md. Nur Rahman of Chandrakhong, Md Sadam, 19, Haoreibi Makha Leikai, Md Misbaul, 22, Haureibi Makha Leikai Konjil, Md. Farid, 21, Haori Makha Leikai Konjil, Md. Rizwan 19, of Lilong Turel Machin, Md Qutub Khan, 24, Lilong Dam Makha Leikai, Md Rasid Ahmed, 21, of Chontham, Md Sukur Khan, 23, of Ubakthong Mathak Leikai and Md Faiz Khan, 22, son of Mv Gaya of Lilong Kalei Khong.

Following the reports IFP contacted top official sources, however they were not aware of such activities as there was no official record.

The IFP also contacted local sources based in the Lilong area however the sources could not confirm the identities, as there were slight differences in particulars mentioned in the magazine report.



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