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SI Krishnadas JAC to initiate leaflet distribution

IMPHAL, July 1: The JACs formed in connection with the alleged killing of SI Krishnadas and the alleged detention of Krishnachandra by the police over the former’s killing case called a joint press conference today at the Manipur Press Club.

Spokesperson Th Joshikanta said that the police are unable to produce the culprits involved in the killing and is instead trying to hide the true findings of the case.

The agitation launched by the JAC is in demand of justice for victim’s family and there is no attempt from the JAC’s side to make it communal, he asserted.

To continue with the agitation, the JAC will start handing out leaflets on the incident and launched poster campaigns at different parts of the State from today onwards, he said.

Takhellambam Bebina who had already given her statement before the police said she was running the chicken centre jointly along with the family of the victim SI Krishnadas.

While she sells cooked meat, the SI’s family used to sell chicken meat, she said.

Recounting the incidents of the day, Bebina said that on the fateful day of June 21, she had open her shop around 10am, she said and continued that around 7pm Krishnadas had come to the shop and stayed in front of the shop for some time waiting for his wife.

After sometime, Krishnachandra who has been detained by the police in connection with the case came to their center, she said.

The two left the shop taking along some eatable items for the local liquor vendor, she said.

The two returned together after about 10 minutes and then Krishnachandra left for his rented room around 7.30pm while Krishnadas stayed back, she said.

Bebina told the media that she return to her residence around 8.10 pm after Krishnadas’ wife and children came to the shop.

Meanwhile, Tombisana convenor of the JAC formed in connection against detention of Krishnachandra said the JAC has submitted a memorandum to the Chief Minister yesterday evening appealing for the safe release of the detained individual.

She warned to launch severe forms of agitations in case the government fail to release the Krishnachandra.




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