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‘The heart of revolutionary movement in Manipur is CorCom’

IMPHAL, July 7: The Co-ordination Committee, a conglomeration of proscribed underground groups of Manipur has greeted the people of Manipur on its 3rd anniversary. Giving revolutionary salute to its cadres who have laid down their lives fighting for Manipur in the revolutionary movement, a statement signed by the convener of the group Khundongbam Pamei has stated that the heart of revolutionary movement in Manipur is CorCom, which will in due course become the ‘sole representative’ of Manipuri people.

Formation of CorCom, which consisted of seven (UPPK thrown out after its surrender to the enemy) namely KCP, KYKL, PREPAK, PREPAK (Pro), RPF, UNLF, and was necessitated by the peoples’ voice which had demanded for a united struggle against Indian colonialism, which also hinges on the idea of building a united strength of all communities in Manipur and the WESEA region, the statement said.

Its historic formation was a commendable step in the revolutionary movement of Manipur and WESEA, by learning together from the mistakes of the past and the present and for building a stronger foundation, it said.

Its first task is to drive away the IOF by the joint effort of the revolutionary groups, and to build unity among the people of Manipur. Secondly, it is to wage a joint war against India with like-minded groups of the WESEA region added the statement. It has been practiced in other parts of the world to wage war jointly among the like-minded groups in world revolutionary history, it said.

After three years of its formation, various sub-committees have been formed. They are: Home Committees, Regional Affairs Committees, External Affairs Committee, Publicity Committee, Base Area Committee, Financial Affairs Committee and Joint Fighting Force, which functions under the Joint Military Commission, maintained the statement.

The statement further said that the JFF under the leadership of JMC will be able to forge a new chapter in the freedom struggle of Manipur and WESEA region.

The need for a joint struggle with other forces operating in the WESEA region has been necessitated by the fact that we are all under the same yoke of Indian colonialism, and this is also true that the people of WESIA are from the same stock, having close cultural affinities. Thus there has been an ever rising need for depending on one another in order to come out of the colonial yoke, it said.

These three years of joint struggle have been productive because of the committed cadres who are relentlessly and selflessly fighting for the cause of independence and moreover it because of the love and corporation of the people of Manipur. The Committee is therefore grateful and conveys its revolutionary salute to the people, said the statement.




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