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Top ZRF functionary killed

LAMKA, July 30: A top functionary of the underground outfit, Zomi Revolutionary Front (ZRF/ KNO) was shot dead yesterday around 11.30pm at B Vengnuam, Lamka.

The slained leader of the ZRF, a signatory of the Suspension of Operation with both State and Central governments, has been identified as Defence director Nengzamuan alias Nicholas, 36, son of (L) Khamzaneng.

He was shot dead inside his rented home at B Vengnuam, Lamka CCpur.

Nicholar is survived by his wife, a son and three daughters.

Soon after getting information of the killing, Churachandpur police led by SDPO, Immanuel Fimate rushed to the spot and inspected the site.

Sources said, the team recovered six empty cases of AK 47 cartridges and another of a 9mm pistol from the site and has registered an FIR no 80 (7) 2014 CCP PS u/s 400/302/34 IPC &25 (1-C)Arms Act.

Nicholar bore four bullet injuries on his body and had died instantly, informed a source.

The assailants numbered around five persons and had guns, sources also said.

According to the ZRF leader’s wife Chiching, a bodyguard of her husband, identified as Mangkhum had come in late that night and called her to open the gate.

When she opened the gate, she found five of them with AK 47s coming in and three going directly to the room where her husband was sleeping with their son.

Chiching continued that she was held at gun-point by one, while another stayed at the gate.

Soon she heard gunshots from inside her husband’s room, then the three came out and along with the two others dashed away in a White Maruti Gypsy which was parked outside the gate, she said.

“When I entered the room, I found the lifeless body of my husband lying, and our son shaking in fear,” she said.

ZRF c-i-c Lalpu Hangshing has condemned the killing and expressed shock at the manner his right hand man has been killed.

He said “killing” is not the solution to attain any objective, whether it is for “Zogam” or “Kuki” land.

Killing for revenge must stop, he said before urging all to stop such inhumane action.

He added the outfit will look after the family of the deceased leader.

Around 2pm today, the leader was laid to rest at the B Vengnual Cemetry under the Kuki Baptist Association centre church, after KNO and ZRF cadres gave a befitting respect to the departed leader attended by a large crowd.

Meanwhile, the information secretary of CCpur. District Students’ Union (CDSU) has condemned the killing and stated that Nengmuan’s killing is a blot to the district and should never be allowed to happen again, in the interest of peace and harmony in the district.

The KNO has also condoled the killing and said in statement that Nicholas was gunned down in the presence of his wife and 3 years old son by five cadres of Zomi Revolutionary Army (ZRA).

The void left by his’ death is immense, but his sacrifice for the Kuki nation will not be in vain, said a KNO statement.

His death will serve as a catalyst to fulfill the sacrifices he has made – the entire armed wing of KNO and the Kuki people will leave no stone unturned to fulfill his dream of a fully revived Kuki nation, it said.



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