ATSUM announces 24 hr hills bandh


KANGPOKPI, August 18: The All Tribal Students’ Union Manipur today announced its decision of 24 hr total bandh in all hill district of the State from midnight of August 21 demanding implementation of Central Educational Institution (Reservation in Admission) Amendment Act 2012 from the current academic session the student body .

Emboi Serto, the tribal student apex body chief asserted that the body has already appealed to the government and the authority concern to rectify and resolved the issue before August 20 with a cautioned of launching any form of agitation but the State government as well as the MU authority has paid no attention to the appeal.

He continued that it is a matter of great concern to learn that the Manipur University Administrative Council has decided to follow the Central Educational Institution (Reservation in Admission) Amendment Act 2012- an Act passed by an Act of Parliament to be followed strictly-from the next academic session only while totally ignoring intentionally just because some section of the people object to it.

The state Government and the MU authority should know that there must be no excuses and grounds for postponing the implementation of the Amendment Act, Emboi said before adding that the Government and the concerned authority should not play with the Amendment Act which was passed by the Parliament.

Striking a chord Emboi further lamented that we must not forget that Manipur is inhabited by the Scheduled tribal which constituted around 43% of the total population. The Scheduled Caste had about 2.5%. For the past many years Meeteis have enjoyed maximum seats due to following the central reservation norms whether they are General, OBC or SC. The tribals which constituted some 43% are left with just 7.5%.

The student body also had earlier request the agitating students not to misinterprets the contends of the Clause 2 of the Amendment Act 2012 and appeals for understanding the reality while allow the 43% tribals of the state to enjoy at least 31% in admission as per the Amendment Act 2012 but that too bears no positive fruit.

As appeals earlier to all the tribal organization to be ready for any eventualities if at all our rights are being denied by the Manipur University ATSUM urged all tribal organization to stand united and put heads together in the agitation, Emboi appealed.

When our rights are infringed upon whenever others become beneficiaries out of our share and rights we can no longer be timid or silent, asserted Emboi while holding responsibility to the state Government as well as the MU authority and all tribal elected representatives if any negative thing comes out of agitation.

While appealing to all transporters, businessmen, educationist, Govt. employees and others to adhere with the student body decision and refrain from their works ATSUM said that only Medical and Media will be relaxed from the purview of the 24 hr total bandh to be effective in all hill district of the state.

If the state Government and MU authority still remain silent over the issue after the total bandh ATSUM will announced its further course of agitation said Emboi.



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