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ILP demonstrations continue

IMPHAL, August 14: There is no letup in agitations to implement the ILP system in the State. The Joint Committee on Inner Line Permit System continues to organise and stage various forms of agitations such as rallies, torch rallies, sit-in protests, and public meetings across the State with the intention of mounting pressure on the State government till ILP is not implemented.

Various sit-in protests were staged at the Waiton Bazaar Board, Pari Imom Khwai Sindam Sang at Iroishemba Takyel Khongbal, Nongpok Sekmai, Ukhongsang, Patsoi Part two , Heirangoithong Keithel, Wangoo New Bazaar, Wangoo Lupa Marup, Khurai Lamlong Keithel Auto Assn, Lamlong, Nongpok Sanjenbam, Sagoltongba, Nongren Mayai Leikai, Uripok Bachaspati leikai, Kakching Bazaar, Tera Sapam Leikai Community Hall, Top Awang Leikai, Wangjing Khunou, Kongba Uchekon Auto Assn, Nongdam, Ninthemcha Khul, Thoubal Haokha Mamang Leikai, Khangabok Bazaar, Charangpat Icham Khunou, Charangpat Nepra Company, Charangpat Mayai Leikai, Nambol Khathong, Moirang Phairembam Auto parking, Keisamthong Longjam Leirak, Kwakeithel Thiyam leikai Pukhri Achouba Mapal, Kwakeithel Bazaar, Liwa Road Ahongsangbam Leikai, Wangkhei Thangapat Mapal Community Hall, Haraorou Sambei, Samurou, Wangoi Laiphrakpam, Nongren Mayai Leikai Community Hall, Patsoi part One and Yaingangpokpi Bazar.

Our Bishnupur Correspondent: Demonstrations demanding implementation of the Inner Line Permit System continued today at different places in the district.

Moirang Phairembam Leikai Apunba Nupi Lup staged a sit in protest at the Kumbi parking, Moirang today showing solidarity to the demand for ILPS implementation.

On the other hand, the Terakhongshangbi Meira paibi Lup staged another sit in protest at the local bazar market shed, while the Khathong Meira Paibis staged a similar protest at the Nambol Khathang Makha.


  1. As retired Mr Justice Upendra pointed out it is the Manipur Legislative Assembly which is the competent authority to implement the ILPS. He believes it is an article 19 constitutional right. So all the MLAs have to do is pass the legilsation and set up a register. Because the ILPS has been running in three other North Eastern States they can merely copy the system they have (Mizoram, Nagaland or Arunachal Pradesh). In the unlikely event of the Centre trying to interfere in the governance of Manipur Mr Justice Upendra believes the constitutional right would be upheld in the Manipur High Court or if necessary the Supreme Court. The Government of Manipur should be allowed to get away with the lie that Delhi has prevented or blocked their determination. It would be helpful for the people of Manipur to assert their rights. And if the MLAs do not back down to begin a credible campaign to unseat all the current MLAs in 2017. If each MLA understands that they will held collectively responsible for their refusal to set up a fairly innocuous law then they may revolt and pass the legislation purely for the selfish reasons they took up office. If Kangla will not publish I’ll stick with epao who now don’t seem so keen to censor actual debate.


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