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MUTA demands VC’s resignation

IMPHAL, August 6: The Manipur University Teachers’ Association has condemned the “brutal action” against students of the university and demanded resignation of the present vice chancellor. 
The teachers’ body was reacting to the university authority asking the hostellers to immediately vacate their hostels. 

In a press statement, MUTA said, “Regarding the present impasse out of the sudden imposition of the admission policy which has further been escalated by the whimsical action of the university authority asking the hostellers to immediately vacate their hostel rooms before 4 pm of August 6, 2014 and suspension of all ongoing classes including the practical classes of PG courses, MUTA condemns, in the strongest term, the unwarranted brutal action onto the agitating students who have been protesting peacefully against the University Authority.” 

“In the process, the present Vice-Chancellor has created a history, for the wrong cause though, of firing the first salvo of tear-gas shells in the University Campus.” 

“It shows the administrative failure of the vice-chancellor in bringing an amicable solution.” 

MUTA said it had already asked for the VC’s resignation for failing miserably to improve the academic standard and streamlining the functioning of the university. 

“There has also been breach of agreements with MUTA signed on February 10, 2014, as none of the MUTA’s demands have been fulfilled so far,” it said. 



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