All political parties committee to bring logical conclusion to ILPS issue: Gaikhangam


IMPHAL, September 23: The all political parties committee on implementation of Inner Line Permit System in the State will help bring a logical conclusion on the issue very soon, said deputy Chief Minister Gaikhangam.

Interacting with the media in his office chamber this evening, Gaikhangam said that the committee has studied the issue and the term of reference is very limited. The committee has collected opinions of experts on enacting a law to safeguard the indigenous peoples of the State.

Gaikhangam maintained that yesterday, opinions of the JCILPS leaders were also sought, while those of the High Court Bar Association, All Manipur Bar Association, MU scholars and college teachers were heard. The committee will study through the opinions given by the experts.

Gaikhangam, however, said that the news report of stalemate between the committee and JCILPS is unfortunate, and will hamper the smooth process of the talk, which could even mislead the public.

He continued that the committee has no authority to talk on behalf of the government. The role of the committee is to find ways for positive mechanism to implement or enact a law regarding ILP in the State.

Gaikhngam clarified that the documents submitted by the expert were not issued to the JCILPS leaders because the examination is not yet over.

He added that the committee has decided to sit for a meeting on the matter at around 2 pm on September 27, 2014. And on the same day experts from the economics and statistics department of the government will also be called to attend. He said there are plans to send the experts to States like Himachal Pradesh and Sikkim for consultations.

Gaikhangam appealed the JCILPS activists not to take law in their own hands, or assault migrant labourers. The State flying squad will do their duties to check the migrants, Gaikhangam added.


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