Dr Nara sounds battle cry against corruption


IMPHAL, September 21: Manipur will face a political crisis in a short period on account of corruption at every level of the State government. The CPI will adopt a strong stand against corruption conterminous with the ideology propagated by Irawat, stated Manipur CPI secretary Dr Moirangthem Nara.

Dr Nara was speaking on the occasion of the commemoration of the 66th Manipur Kanba Numit organised by Irawat Celebration Committee Manipur at Irawat Park, Chalou Lamlai today.

A pioneer of CPI, Jana Neta Irawat was someone who was totally against corruption and always thought about bringing unity between the hills and valley people, he said, adding that the legendary communist leader was always trying to bridge the gap between different communities of people in Manipur, always fighting crime against women etc.

Dr Nara said governments and politicians are all for sale these days and corruption which exists at every level if not confronted will create a political crisis in the State.

Hospitals such as the RIMS hospital have become dens of corruption. The raid conducted by CBI on the office occupied by a person holding the highly esteemed post of Director is damaging for Manipur’s image, he added.

Stressing that Jana Neta Irawat had always dreamt about bringing peace to the society and fought against social injustice, Dr Nara said CPI will strive to uproot corruption from Manipur as a tribute to the legend who established the party in the State.

Let’s prepare for saving our State from corruption, he said, adding that CPI may not have a seat in the Assembly but the State needs to rid itself from social injustice and corruption.

“CPI has launched a movement for electoral reforms to change the electoral system in India. The elections conducted here are manipulated and won by those using coercive force and money. Soon, there will be a reform in the electoral system and CPI which is treading the path of Irawat will form the government one day,” the veteran CPI leader said.

Later, L Sotinkumar said today was the day when the people of Manipur agitated against the proposed formation of Purbanchal Pradesh by uniting Lushai Hills, Tripura and Manipur.

Jana Neta Hijam Irawat knew the motive of the Indian government and opposed the decision of the Indian government, he added.

On September 21, 1948, Irawat convened a public meeting of the Kishan and Praja Shabha at Manipur Dramatic Union. People from different directions turned up for the meeting but unfortunately people from the Lamlai area were confronted by a police team who lathicharged against them at the Pundongbam area, he said.

In the confrontation, an Officer-in-Charge named Naran Babu was killed by a bullet wound from his own service gun but Irawat was held responsible for his death and the Indian government announced a reward of Rs. 10,000 on him, Sotinkumar told the gathering.

Irawat went underground the very same day and continued to fight for his motherland, he added.

Sotinkumar further said that now the Congress government has failed to enforce such so called landmark Acts and schemes like the Food Security Act, RTI Act and MGNREGS scheme.

This is due to the corruption practiced by the UPA government. So, it is the time to follow in the path of Irawat to save the future of Manipur.

Before the function, CPI leaders paid floral tributes to the tomb at the Pundongbam where people from Lamlai were lathi charged.


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