Govt indifferent to life threat on social activist


IMPHAL, Sept 3: Woman activist Panti Gonmei has been living without any protection being provided to her despite a threat to her life, claims Concerned Group against Life Threat to the Social Activist convenor G Benjamin.

Concerned authorities have not taken any rigid actions against the perpetrators which have weakened and disheartened the victim and her defenders, he added.

Benjamin said it was sad and discouraging to witness the silence and indifferent attitude of the authorities against the activist, adding, “Panti was threatened because she took up the cause of the welfare of children and women.”

We urge the government to take action and provide security to Panti for continuing her fight against injustice and violation of human rights, he said, appealing all the civil organizations to support and cooperate for bringing peace and justice.

Speaking to the media, Panti said: “I am helpless, discouraged and disappointed as the concerned authorities remain silent over the issue and feel like a stranger in my own land.”

She added that her only option now is to submit a letter to the Asian Human Rights Commission as the State hasn’t done anything.


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