Govt must make new law to protect indigenous peoples: Khaidem Mani


IMPHAL, September 7: The vice president of the Senior Citizen for Society former minister, Laishom Lalit has been appointed as the acting president until fresh election said Khaidem Mani, secretary SCS during a press conference held today at the Manipur Press Club.

While speaking to the media he appealed the Government of Manipur to take up reasonable steps and tackle the pending issues in positive ways which are prevailing in the State.

Khaidem Mani elaborated on the issue of ILP system and stated that the failure to implement ILP poses threat to the identity, culture, and also to the local languages and dialects of the State.

He further maintained that according to provisions of Article 19(5), the State legislature can pass laws to protect the interest of the indigenous people of the State, and added that the public demand for implementing ILP in the State should not be misconstrued as an attempt to stop the entry of migrants or to drive out migrants from the State.

He appealed to the government to make a new law to control the influx of many illegal migrants as it is a must for the well-being of the indigenous people in the long run.

Khaidem Mani also stated regarding Irom Sharmila that the government is solely responsible for safeguarding and protecting Sharmila who has been fasting for 14 long years demanding the removal of the AFSPA 1958.

He also noted that if the government is serious to save Sharmila, then the government should help her by removing the draconian AFSPA 1958 from the state.

Khaidem Mani also noted on the incident of Ukhrul that it was very unfortunate and further stated that it is the duty of the government to bring peace and normalcy in Ukhrul.

Khaidem Mani stated that economic blockade; frequent bandh in the State will not bring any positive solution, only common people suffer from such type of protest.


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