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MPP joins Hiyanglam by-poll fight, announces candidate

IMPHAL, September 24: The Manipur People’s Party has today announced Mayengbam Amutombi as the party’s potential candidate for the Hiyanglam by-poll scheduled for October 17.

Party president N Sovakiran today handed over nomination papers to the party candidate.

Sovakiran said the party’s strategy for the by-poll will revolve around patriotism.

Citing that the Congress faced a severe defeat at the Centre after a marathon rule there, he said it will soon be the regional parties that will come to power.

The present party in power will also soon fall, he continued while elaborating that people in southern and northern parts of the country are supporting the regional parties.

He urged the people of Hiyanglam to stop believing in the national parties and instead vote for the party.

Lets’ start a new era of regionalism from the Hiyanglam by-election, he called upon the people.

The selected candidate Mayengbam Amuthoi said he wouls file his nomination on September 26.

He said Hiyanglam constituency is still one of the most backward and remote constituency.

The centre sponsored schemes are yet to reach the constituency, he claimed before adding that this is because of lack of a good political leader in the constituency.

The only Primary Health Centre is yet to be made night and day, he said.

Many a fish farmers and others continue to die because of snake bites because of lack of antidote at the health centres, he added.

As the area is one of the most insurgency prone areas, the people are often victimised by the forces, he said.

Although the constituency has abundance of nature’s gift, none has tapped the resources, he said and added the two lakes of Pumlen and Khoidum could be used to attract tourist.



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