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UCM appeals for early solution to ILPS issue

IMPHAL, September 12: The government of Manipur should bring an early solution on the question of implementation of the Inner Line Permit System issue in the larger interest of the people, said United Committee, Manipur president Y Nabachandra.

Speaking at a press conference held at its office here today, he said not only UCM, but several other organisations including local youth clubs have been morally and physically supporting the movement since the demand for ILPS is for the protection of the rights of indigenous people.

The government should not take the issue lightly and take up positive steps to realise the wishes of the public before the movement turns to something bad, he observed.

The indefinite closure of educational institutes in the State in a bid to curb the agitation is an unfortunate turn of events, the UCM president said.

He said will the State government continue to close down the educational institutes as long as the movement continues.

He also lauded the government on the formation of an all-political party committee to discuss the issue and for formally inviting the JCILPS to talks.

However, it is unfortunate that the meeting has been stalled due to a misunderstanding which needs to be sorted out between the two sides at the earliest, he said.

The UCM president also said the government should intervene in the arrest of the 12 members of the JCILPS at the earliest.



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