Children of FCS labours surrender books to department officials


IMPHAL, October 1: Children of 61 labourers of FCS, Sangaiporou have voluntarily surrendered their books to FCS officials to protest against the termination of the 61 labourers from their jobs on August 31 and against the department`™s failure to take up positive steps for looking into the issue even after various appeals.

They surrendered their books in the presence of their parents. Later on, members of the CAF&PD Labourer Welfare Association held a press conference at the Manipur Press Club.

Speaking to the media, CAF & PD Labourer Welfare Association secretary Romen Moirangthemcha stated at the conference that the government must reinstate them in their jobs failing which they would initiate militant agitations.

Many appeals were made to reinstate them to their jobs since August 31 to the labour principal secretary, CAF&PD minister and CM but no positive response were given to the association till date. Various forms of agitations were also taken up, he said.

Stressing that they have sought monetary assistance from many political parties, he said financial problems have created various issues within their families and they could not pay the fees of their children.

Deeply aware of the financial problems, the children of 61 labourers have decided to drop out of their schools and get engaged in any kind of job to support their family.

FCS workers`™ family secretary Laishram Hemabati who is the wife of a terminated labour said that owing to the joblessness of their husbands for many months, various issues have cropped up in the family and financial problems has increased a lot.

She also appeals the government to reinstate the terminated labourers back into their jobs at the earliest after considering the problems faced by their family members.


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