CPI (M-L) to commence 10th congress with massive rally at Lucknow


IMPHAL, October 28: The 10th congress of the Communist Party of India, Marxist-Leninist, Red Star will be held at Lucknow, UP beginning with a massive rally from Charbargh railway station on February 25, 2015, said KN Ramachandran, general secretary, Central Committee, CPI (ML) Red Star.

He was speaking in a press conference held today at the CPI office, RIMS road.

He said public will converge at the Bhagat Singh-Azafaqulla Khan Nagar (Jyothiba Phule Maidan) ahead of the rally.

Ramachandran said that the 10th congress will start at Charu Majumdar Hall at Begum Hazrat Mahat Uda Devi Nagar, Lucknow from February 26, 2015 and continue till March 2.

He said the time is a crucial juncture for the country when the rightist UPA government led by the Congress has been replaced by ultra rightist BJP led NDA at the Centre.

In spite of Modi’s promise to bring ‘good days’ in the country, within the past few months of the NDA government, prices of essential commodities and unemployment are soaring up, corruption is as rampant as ever, he said.

Ramachandran also said that workers, peasants, women, adivasis, dalits and the oppressed class and sections continue to suffer under the corporate raj.

Under the divisive policies of communalism and caste forces, the democratic space in the country is shrinking, he continued.

Ramachandran also said that CPI (M-L) is struggling against the loot of natural resources and ecological destruction and is campaigning for the genuine secular values calling for keeping religion away from politics.

He also added that the CPI (M-L) is campaigning for scrapping AFSPA and withdrawal of military from the Northeast and Jammu & Kashmir and for solving the problems of these regions based on right of self-determination of the people.

CPI (M-L) appealed to all the working class, the peasantry, toiling masses, progressive democratic forces, to support the party by joining the struggle against the anti-people ruling system, he said.


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