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Dr Nara urges people to join movement for electoral reforms in India

IMPHAL October 10: As a part of the nation-wide observation of the first CERI Day, the State chapter of the Campaign for Electoral Reforms in India also marked the day at the Iboyaima Shumang Leela Shanglen in Palace Compound today.

Speaking to the media, CERI co-ordinator (in-charge of North East) Dr Nara said India needs a scientific and justified electoral system suitable for multiparty politics, the only system which can bring a proportionate electoral system (PR).

Electoral systems in more than 89 countries of the world have been successfully switched to a system in which the number of representatives in the parliament or assembly is proportionate to the percentage of votes secured by each party in the election, he added.

Dr Nara appealed the people to join the movement for electoral reforms in India to bring good governance, eternal peace and all round development in the country.

Delivering the keynote address at the function, CERI Manipur chapter convenor Ch Ibohal said India, the largest representative democratic country has been practising an electoral system which is a legacy of the British, the First Past the Post or majoritarian system, till date.

India`™s political system is multicultural on account of her complex composite society and different regions and the existing FPTP system is not able to interpret the meaning of democracy in its true sense as it instead promotes and becomes a reason for corruption, communalism, casteism, muscle power and money power in elections, he added.

Ibohal explained the FPTP system by citing an example in which in a constituency with 30,000 voters a candidate among six rivals can win an election with 7000 votes when 23, 000 (76.7%) voters had voted against him and when the representatives of a majority of people have been excluded from parliament or assembly.

And so the ideology, rights and interests of the majority are being suppressed and only the representatives of a minority of people are being sent to the decision making body (i.e. parliament or assembly), he added.

Speaking at the function, advocate Khaidem Mani attributed the root cause of corruption to the present electoral system.

He also said that spreading the awareness for a proportional representation system is the need of the hour for a better tomorrow.

H Jayanta Kumar, a professor of the DM College of science, said that every effect has a cause.

He pointed out various factors responsible for the pressing issues in the nation such as growing cases of violent incidents, gradual loss of mutual respect and values, the growing disparity between the haves and have-nots and the burgeoning number of frustrated youths as unemployment increases in the country.

During the function, CERI members and all the people participating in the function shouted a slogan `we want electoral reforms in India`

Professor L Sadananda Singh also attended the function as one of the speakers.



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