MPP plays ILPS card in Hiyanglam bye-poll campaign


IMPHAL, October 10: The Manipur Peoples`™ Party has intensified its Hiyanglam bye-poll campaign.

A public meeting in support of its candidate, Mayengbam Amutombi was held at Lamjao Tejpur Public community hall today.

During the meeting, party president N Sovakiran appealed to the people of the constituency to vote for MPP, for implementation of the Inner Line Permit System in the State. He continued that MPP is the only regional party in Manipur, which has stood for the cause of indigenous peoples of Manipur.

He said that the influxes of illegal migrants are threatening the indigenous population of Manipur. It is high time that people should throw away political parties like INC, Trinamool and others, who are not in favour of implementing the ILP.

Further, he pointed out that MPP is a party recognised by the Election Commission of India, among 1200 regional parties in the State. Taking jibes on the ruling Congress party, the MPP president alleged that Congress is a rich party, which only works in the interest of the rich. But the party has been routed in the last Lok Sabha election, and moreover its leaders are surrounded by corruption scams, he said.

Sovakiran also charged the Congress of using the tax payers`™ money in its election campaign.

MPP candidate M Amutombi alleged that the Congress is taking undue advantage over the simplicity of the people of Hiyanglam.

Congress leaders show their faces only during the times of elections, however none of the MLAs or ministers including the Chief Minister had visited the constituency before the election, he said.

Now that the election is near all the MLAs and ministers are seen hovering around the area, he continued.

However, it is questionable as to whether they will return after the by-poll, he said.

Amutombi also charged that local area development funds of the constituency have not been used properly in the past.

He said the fund is Rs 1crore a year, which is 5 crores in five years. The under-development that is evident in the constituency is due to misuse of the local area development fund, he added.

He said it is time for the people of Hiyanglam to wake up.


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