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The departed soul

(A poem for my only brother
Stephen who expired on 02-08-2014.)

By Adelina Jones N

A brother you are.
Born with a silver spoon
blessed with a beautiful childhood,
getting all your wishes.
You could have been grateful,
but you were not.
If you were, you could have turn the silver you had into gold.

Life was beautiful.
But you went ahead with artificial bliss.
Why was it so hard to give up the things you have to?
Why not try it harder? Try, try, try.
A question erupts!
Was it your destiny? Or you chose it.

Unimaginable pain I had.
You were gone too soon.
My heart is torn into pieces, pieces and pieces.
Thinking of the little good deeds you do.
The sound of your footsteps still in my ears.
My mind is running wild no answers.
Oh! How I wish it was just a dream.

Irreplaceable you are.
I will not envy another`s brother.
Gone from the Earth you are.
But you will be fondly remember forever.
Unacceptable demise.
Oh God, bless and rest his soul in peace, I pray.



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