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Contractors Association decides to bit e-tender on schedule rate of government

IMPHAL, November 5: The Hills and Plain Contractors’ Association along with the All Tribal Contractors Association have decided against making e-tender bids in reduced rates from the government schedule rates in the 10th phase of PMGSY.

After a meeting of the contractors at Manipur Press Club, Hills and Plain Contractors’ Association general secretary Ksh Rajen told media persons that the contractors of Manipur have applied for tenders at the minimal rate even deducting 20-30 percent to get work contracts in the recent 9th phase of PMGSY.

Now, the contractors are facing problems after undertaking contracts in reduced rates from the schedule rates. Contractors are unable to maintain quality control after undertaking contract works in deducted rates and are working randomly which has resulted in the return of more than Rs 80 crores to the Central government without utilisation, he said, adding that not only this, the Central government has reduced the sanction amount this year due to the work tenders being won in deducted rates the previous year.

He further said that the joint association convened a meeting for all the first class contractors or special contractors, and other contractors to consult on whether the bids for e-tenders of the PMGSY tenth phase should be made at the schedule rate or at reduced rates.

The PMGSY is a policy initiated for the welfare of Indian people through development of better roads in various states but when this project reaches Manipur, it changes its contours, he added. In the context of Manipur, there are three different types of contractors. The first being those backed by gangs, the second being those supported by politicians and the last being normal contractors, Rajen said.

The funds allocated for the tenth phase of PMGSY is huge and there are around 208 contracts works which need to be done but we have only 100 contractors in Manipur and some are new comers, Rajen said, adding If we work together with unity, each contractor will get a contract work and they all can maintain quality control.

The association asked the contractors to co-operate with the association in the tenth phase on the decision taken by the joint association. There should not be district works for the district contractors and if any individual make bids at reduced rates, the joint association will take action against them, he warns.



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