Differently-abled girl allegedly raped


Bishnupur, November 7: A 17-year-old differently-abled girl from Nambol area was allegedly raped by a 17 year old boy inside her own bed room.

According to sources, the incident happened when the girl was taking rest on her bed around 7: 30 in the morning on November 4.

At the time of the incident, most of the family members had gone out of the house.

Sources continued that the boy taking advantage of the situation entered inside the girl’s bedroom and allegedly raped her. The incident came to light only when the brother of the girl, who was also sleeping inside the house, heard some unusual noise in his sister’s room, the sources added.

Further the sources said the brother immediately went inside his sister’s room and found the boy in an inappropriate manner.

He immediately pulled out the boy from the room and informed the locals, who formed a mob to thrash the accused.

It is also learnt that following the incident, the brother of the accused, identified as Premkumar had repeatedly warned the girl’s family of dire consequences.

In this regard, the victim’s family has appealed to the authority concerned to book the culprit, who is still at large, and also his brother for his repeated threats to the family.


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