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Juvenile accused in CCpur minor rape case in observatory home

LAMKA, November 1: A 14 year old accused of serial raping three minors on October 7 and 19 has been put in the Observatory Home run by Health Integrated Ministry located at Ramther, Churachandpur by a Special Juvenile police unit yesterday evening.

He was handed over to the police unit by civil organisations.

Getting news that the accused is in the observatory home, families of the victims breathed sighs of relief, while others expressed concern that law enforcers had insisted on fulfilling protocol before filing an FIR in the case and viewed that it was wrong on the part of the law enforcers, considering the gravity of the crime and the situation.

Meanwhile, it may be mentioned that the MACR- CCpur had visited a relative of the three victims on October 29 and taken up the case.

On the other hand the police filed an FIR on the case yesterday only.



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