Lack of common political aspiration a stumbling block: Prof Gangmumei Kamei


IMPHAL, November 25: Lack of a common political aspiration among the people of the State and good governance are the main stumbling blocks to the State, said professor Gangmumei Kamei today, during a one day workshop titled Manipur`™s Tomorrow.

The one day workshop was held at Hotel Imphal, AOC organised by the Development of Human Potential, Raphei Valley, Mantripukhri today.

Prof Gangmumei said in order to make Manipur`™s tomorrow better, the people need to have a clear concept of what Manipur is, what it means to them and what they should do to make it better.

Elaborating further he said the people need to strengthen the unity among the different communities residing in the State.

Communities should be strengthened but not as a separate entity but as a collective entity, equal power to every community should be encouraged and the ethnic competition should be resolved, he said.

A cultural integration movement and social solidarity will save Manipur in the future, he added.

Professor Bimola of Political Science department, Manipur University said in order to build a better Manipur, people need to identify the problems first.

The absence of moral and ethical principles in the individual, in the family and in the society is the root cause for the degradation of Manipuri society at large, she said.

The mind of the individual is no longer guided by positive and creative thinking, she further asserted.

She also pointed out that promotions of self-interest and individualistic group interest and lack of honesty and sincerity have become the main behaviour of the individual.

It is also necessary to identify the factors responsible for the lack of development in the hills of Manipur she added.


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