MPP questions government`s insistence on Yaithibi Loukon


IMPHAL, November 26: Chief Minister Okram Ibobi Sigh seems to be planning to siphon off a huge sum of fund during the establishment of the National Sports University in the State and as such forcibly acquiring land from the poor farmers at Yaithibi Loukon, Manipur People`™s Party president N Sovakiran said today.

A team of the party accompanied by a group of media persons visited Koutruk Sabal and Harao Lok Ching where the locals have welcomed construction of the sports university unlike at Yaithibi Loukon where the government is facing stiff resistance against land acquisition for the construction.

Sovakiran speaking to the media wondered how the State Chief Minister and his cabinet overlooked the welcome at these places and settle for Yaithibi Loukon where there is stiff opposition.

The Centre considering the sporting talent of the State and spirit of the sports players of the State has given an opportunity to establish a sports university and the State government should select a site where there is no opposition to the construction, he said.

Unfortunately, the government has decided upon a site which has created widespread agitation and opposition, he continued.

At the same time, Koutruk Sabal and Harao Lok Ching have been overlooked by the government, although the government will not have to pay any land compensation as the people are ready to donate more than the required acres of land, he asserted.

Koutruk, Senjam Khunou & Senjam Chirang Development Organisation general secretary, N Aram Singh said soon after getting reports of the government searching a site for the construction of the university, the organisation had submitted a proposal to the State government for construction of the university in their area and had even met with the Chief Minister.

Highlighting that the place is just about 15 km from the Imphal, he said the government will not have to worry for water supply, electricity and security if the university is constructed there.


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