NSCN/ GPRN claims burning down JCB


IMPHAL, Nov 6: The president GPRN, SS Khaplang in a notification has directed every regional authority to co-operate with the central authority functioning in one’s respective regional areas, an emailed statement of the outfit said.

In connection to execution of central Chaplee Ministry’s directive, the road construction machineries belonging to certain contracting company in Zeliangrong region were destroyed for failure to comply with the central directive, it claimed.

However, Hopson, regional chairman, Zeliangrong region NSCN/GPRN, without consultation with the Central authority issued denial of NSCN/GPRN’s involvement, it said. Such irresponsible statement by a regional authority tantamount to contempt of central authority for which Hopson is strongly warned and issued “explanation call” notice to the CHQ/Presidential office with immediate effect, it warned.

The regional authorities are further cautioned that, henceforth, stern disciplinary action shall be shall be initiated in the event of creating any obstacles or unnecessary interferences in the functioning of central authority, it said.


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