Public participation vital in fighting Cancer: Dr Suresh Babu


IMPHAL, November 7: As far as the question of prevention of Cancer and spreading awareness is concern, more activists in the non-medical sector who work at the village level like the ASHA workers, NGOs, local bodies etc need to be involved, said Health and Family Welfare, principal secretary Dr J Suresh Babu at a “Cancer Awareness Day” observation held at JNIMS, conference hall here today.

The observation was part of the National Cancer Fortnight which will continue till November 21 during which free cervical cancer screening will be conducted at the Gynae OPD-Jawaharlal Nehru Institute of Medical Sciences, screening for breast cancer at OPB, JNIMS and oral cancer at Department of dentistry, JNIMS.

Speaking as the chief of today’s observation, Dr Suresh Babu continued that people should be aware of the disease and added that early detection and surveillance is an important aspect of fighting cancer.

Creating awareness on the issue should be mainly focused on how to reach out to the rural people and make them aware that cancer can be cured if detected early on, he continued.

However, today there are still people who panic at the mere mention of cancer, he said before adding that cancer brings along intense agony and mental trauma in a family if any member of the family is diagnosed with cancer- either curable or non-curable, mild or in final stage.

But today, the medical diagnostic system has changed a lot, the treatment potential and capability of medicines have improved a lot, he said and added what was three years back has improved tremendously.

Dr Suresh Babu also said that the Centre is planning to increase the numbers of Cancer treatment centres and improve and support the entire diagnostic system including patients.

A new awareness programme under the National health mission will be launch this year with the ultimate target of ensuring everyone medical treatment in the country and easy access to medical facilities with money not being a factor.

He further appealed to the participants present in the function not only to learn about cancer structurally but to dedicate oneself to work for prevention of this non-communicable disease.

In his presidential speech, Health Services director Dr O Ibomcha Singh said people need to be fully aware of cancer and bring a change to the mentality regarding cancer. He said even tension and depression can shorten one’s lifespan.

He said cancer is preventable and if detected early on it can be cured.

The function was also attended by professor M Shyamo Singh, director, JNIMS, Porampat and Dr K Rajo Singh, director, Family Welfare.


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