Bandhs and blockades will not bring any development: Mao MLA


IMPHAL, December 30: Imposing blockades and bandhs to make demands from the government will not bring any development to the society, said Mao MLA L Dikho while encouraging the youth to take up games and sports as a profession today.

Speaking at the golden jubilee celebration of the Siimai Youth and Students`™ Union at Siimai Khaikho Village today, the MLA said imposing bandhs and blockades is useless.

At the same time assuring to develop the local football playground today, Mao MLA L Dikho encouraged the youth of Saranamai Circle to take up games and sports as a profession.

Saranamai circle was once very popular in the field of football and had produced many talented players in the past, however, today`™s youth seemed to have lost enthusiasm, he said.

The local MLA further said that development is based on the literacy rate of the society or concerned community.

He said a playground in Saranamai village (Khunjao) had already been assured to the student union.

Now, the assured playground will be made into a standard football field, the local MLA said adding that construction of the field will start from March 2015.

He said the ancestors of the Saranamai villagers were talented in sports and so the youth can excel in the field of football.

Dikho further assured to construct a community hall in the area, and added that he had already submitted proposals to the Manipur Development Society for the construction of community halls in Mao areas.

He said that the government has provisions to sanction Rs 10 crores under the Multi-sectoral Development Programme (MsDP) for each block and that the community halls will be constructed under this fund.

He further appealed to the people to make the observation a successful and meaningful celebration.

Meanwhile, the student union submitted a memorandum to the MLA seeking development of the Khaikho Football Ground and SYSU Youth Hall.

MLA Dikho also unveiled a 50 years memorial stone, and hoisted the union`™s flag at the start of the celebration.

He also honoured the three oldest villagers with Rs 3000 each from his pocket.


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