CPI urges BJP govt not to stoke communal fire


IMPHAL, December 30: The Communist Party of India, Singjamei Local Council has held its 48th CPI Singjamei Local conference on December 28 at its office.

According to a release of the party, the conference was attended by Secretary at Manipur State Council and comrade Dr. Nara who gave the opening speech.

In his speech, he said that there is change in the central government, however the idea of turning India into a Hindu religion country by the BJP and its supporter, RSS will only bring communal violence.

He further said that a new Left and Secular Alliance will rise in Manipur and CPI will take commitments.

He also stated that unless Proportional Representation System (PRS) make any changes, there will be corruption during election in India.

He also appealed the government to set up special commission regarding the discovery of human skeletons from Tombisana High School campus, it said.

CPI State Secretariat member, B. Sharma has said in his speech that the issue of the Hindutva Communal Agenda has not only raised terror to non-Hindus around the world, but it has also risked the attack of terrorists in the cities of India, it said.

During the conference, condolence on 2 comrades who passed away was offered. Also, order on Draft political and organisation reports were discussed and passed. New members for 2015 were also elected during the conference. The members are comrade S. Yaima as Local Secretary and comrade Tomba as Assistant Secretary. New demands were also set up to be submitted to the government.

The demands were to expand NH-2 and to blacktop it as soon as possible; to install car parking basement and to put up extra floor on the Singjamei Supermarket and to upgrade stores selling women`™s wear and to stop selling at streets; to construct proper drainage at the 2 sides of NH-2 and Thongam Leikai; to expand the Imphal River banks and Thongam Leikai roads and streets; to construct culverts and proper drainage system and to repair on time, to provide water; power and PDS items properly; to provide 24 hours emergency service and Maternity ward at Chingakhong Urban Health Centre; to provide Un-Allowance Scheme to educated unemployed persons and to repeal AFSPA and to end the problems of the UGs, it said.


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