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Manipur Maoists hold solidarity meet at LA

IMPHAL, Jan 31: The underground Maoist Communist Party, Manipur, in a press statement claimed A Night of Solidarity with Manipur was held at Los Angeles as part of an international protest day against Indian expansionism today.

The release, signed by Comrade Nonglen Meitei, secretary publicity and propaganda of the party, said Manipur is fighting a just war against India and Maoist Communist Party is determined to achieve its goal of national and class liberation.

For the solidarity shown, the party complimented the Red Guards, Los Angeles and New Communist Party-Liaison Committee United States. It also commended these parties for taking the responsibility of Proletarian Internationalism by showing solidarity to the national and class liberation of Manipur led by the Maoist Communist Party.

`Maoist Communist Party Manipur extends our utmost regards to the revolutionary Award Winning poet Matt Sedillo and Alex from UC Irvine who showed up and shared invaluable information and historical insight to India, Manipur and Southeast Asia,` the release of the party said.

It said Manipur is a historical state and has been in existence for 2000 years, and only in 1891 it came under the British. In 1949, India plotted and forced the kingdom to merge with it. Since then, Manipur has been fighting for liberation, it added.



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