Mysterious disease claims over 300 cows and 200 buffaloes in Senapati villages


SENAPATI, January 28: Even as the State veterinary department and other concerned departments continue to cope with suspected cases of rabid dogs in the State, a mysterious cattle disease has reportedly claimed a large number of cattle in Senapati district, a report shared with IFP by Senapati based English daily, The Herald Today.

According to village sources the epidemic is widespread in Koide, Thingba Khullen, Purul, Oinam, Keize, Reah village has reportedly claimed more than 300 cows and 200 buffaloes the report said.

The epidemic continues to claim the lives of cattle posing threat to hundreds of poor farmers whose family income rely heavily on cattle, informed a source.

According to Thingba Khullen secretary Panii, the symptoms of the mysterious disease include bacterial infection between the claws, swelling above the hooves, fever, lack of appetite, red urine, pale, yellow gums and eyes, the report said. The same disease had broke out in the past too, however, this is the worst case ever, he added.

Th. Veinii of Lower Koide said most of the deceased cattle are calves between 1 to 3 years old. These calves are more vulnerable to succumb to the infectious disease due to lack of mother`™s milk.

It is noteworthy that almost every family in the village owns cattle to generate income and also use them for agricultural purposes. If the situation is not put under control before further spread of the epidemic, economy of hundreds of families will be severely hit. So far, no staff from the concerned department has come to provide medication or suggest remedies for the disease and villagers are aggrieved as they are in a helpless situation, said the disgruntled farmer, it said.

It is also reported that cattle-owners bought medicines in their own capacity from the market and Vety department, Senapati as immediate option for cure. However, only few were saved.

The angered villagers appeal to the concerned authorities, departments and other agencies and individuals to take stock of the situation at the earliest. The villagers also expressed their trepidation that the disease may transfer onto human if not addressed on time, it said.


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