Repair road or we will collect road taxes to do it, govt told


IMPHAL, January 11: Koirengei Awang Chaokhat Thourang Committee has set an 11 days dateline to the government for repairing the road from Koirengei Bridge to Sekmai Awang failing which it has warned that it will soon start collecting the taxes which is collected from various commercial vehicles by the Forest Department in order to construct the road.

Briefing media persons at the Manipur Press Club today, Committee advisor, Nandalal Angomcha said the road which is 7.5 km long passes through various places such as Leikinthabi, Wabagai, Awang Potsangbam Khullen and Awang Potsangbam Khunnou. The road is a lifeline for many people and, above all, many heavy loaded trucks ply on it, he added.

Nandalal said the road was given a black topping in 2013 and its potholes were filled up in the last two months but the concerned authorities did it for namesake as the road now is back in a deplorable condition, adding that the committee will wait till January 26 for the road repair and if they failed to do so, the committee will start collecting the taxes from January 27.

He mentioned that the Koirengei Bridge which was constructed in January 26, 1965 is in an abysmal condition because it hasn`™t been repaired for many years whereas other bridges such as Sanjenthong, Salanthong, Heingangthong, Khuraithong, etc build on the same year have been newly constructed.

The Heingang A/C MLA has also assured for the construction but till date nothing has been done and the construction will likely take two to three years. So, the committee will impose certain restrictions to prolong the utility of the bridge and to save it from destruction, he said.

Nandalal also highlighted that the Rs 4.22 crore Sekmai Dam Project which was started in 2010-2011 under the sponsorship of North Eastern Council remains unfinished and that its construction is being done in haphazard manner. He added that the width should be 15 feet in order to give proper irrigation at the end of the dam and must be completed at the earliest.


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