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Sharp increase in Senapati population results in decrease in population-elector ratio in the State

IMPHAL, January 5: The State Election department has completed a special summary revision of the Manipur Photo Electoral Roll on January 1, 2015 under instruction of the Election Commission of India, chief electoral officer O Nabakishor told media persons today. He said the projected population of the State in 2015 is 30,80,488.

Speaking to media persons inside his office chamber at the New Secretariat building this evening, he said the special summery revision with reference to January 1, 2015 as the qualifying date has come to an end with the final publication of Electoral Roll of 60 Assembly constitutions today.

He said the current projected population of 30,80,488- 1551774 male and 1528714 female, is against the total population of Manipur which stood at 28,55,794, of which 14,38,586 were male and 14,17,208 were female, by the 2011 Census.

The CEO continued that the total number of electors in the Draft Roll, 2014 is recorded as 17,64,122 of which 8,64,122 are male and 9,00,000 are female.

According to the final Electoral Roll, the elector-population ratio is 58 percent- male accounting for 56 percent and female accounting for 60 percent, he said.

This means that there is a 2 percent decline in the elector-population ratio as it was 60 percent in 2014, he continued.

Nabakishore elaborated that the decline has been caused by a sharp increase in the population of Senapati district as recorded in the latest census report.

CEO further said that the copy of the released electoral roll can be obtained from Census EROs at SDO offices for the valley district and for Hills district from the concerned DC offices.

The formats of the electoral roll can also be availed from CEO`s official web site www.ceomanipur.nic.in and the same has also been uploaded in the ECI`s website www.eci.gov.in, he said.



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