`Conflict between the two branches of medicines can only confuse the people`


IMPHAL, March 15: There is an uproar over what people are terming as misguidance with regards to recommendation by the Medical Directorate on the issue of preventive medicine for Swine Flu, fear for which is currently sweeping the State after the deadly epidemic was confirmed in the State.

The Medical Directorate had publicly expressed doubts that Arsenic Album 30 medicine prescribed was a remedy for the flu, and this has raised a sore point.

Dr. M Nara who is the president of Homoeophathic Medical Association of India, Manipur Branch, in a press conference at the Manipur Press Club today said the conflict between allopathic and homoeopathy remedies ought to have been kept aside, for both are accepted now. Indeed AYUSH branch is now under health and family welfare ministry Dr. Nara.

He further said that encouraging a conflict between the two branches of medicines can only confuse the people and this is dangerous at a time people are near panic in view of Swine Flu epidemic which has reached the State.

`This is unfortunate for the people of our State because the AYUSH is a separate department in the Health Ministry and many norms of AYUSH are now standard in treating various ailments and this includes H1N1 disease prevention.

Dr Nara also said that the one department should not object to another department`™s works. AYUSH system of medicine is legitimate under the Government of India he added.

He further asserted that from the 19th Century onwards people have been going for homeopathy treatment, adding that World Health Organisation has also announced Arsenic Album 30 as an effective preventive measure for H1N1 which in the year 2009.

He further requested the Medical Directorate not to misuse its authority and misguide the public.

Vice president of the association Dr M Purnachandra, general secretary Dr H Temba and retired deputy director RRI, GoI Dr N Birkumar, also attended the meet.


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