Crores spent planting trees in Imphal area but none seen today: Malesh


IMPHAL, March 30: The State Government implemented schemes worth crores for planting trees in the Imphal areas but unfortunately none of plants are seen today said Oinam Malesh President BJYM Manipur Pradesh.

Speaking in a one day political conference cum online membership drive held at the Leimakhong are under Saitu Constituency today, he said that the State Government had expended crores for planting trees in the Imphal area in last few years but none of the trees are seen growing properly.

He further said that if the plants are not maintained properly or money meant for theri upkeep pocketed by the authorities, this is the result.

He called for envisaging alternative means for their sustainable life in the hills. The hills people can stop deforestation in the hills on if this is successful, he said.

The only way to make a change in this regards is to elect the BJP in the forthcoming ADC election he said.

If the BJP sweeps the upcoming ADC election there will be a change in the hill districts soon, he promised.

After the ADC election, there will be the Assembly election in 2017 he said adding, if the BJP emerge successful, peace will return to the Northeast region Malesh said.

Basanta vice-president BJYM Manipur Pradesh said that hill people mistook the BJP party as anti-Christen party but after Narendra Modi became Prime Minister the hill people have come to realise this is only Congress propaganda and totally false.


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