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Handloom projects stalled pending funding resolution between State and Central govts

IMPHAL, March 11: Ten handloom projects are still awaiting settlement of pending expenditure issues between Central and State government, a source in the Commerce and Industries Department of Manipur said.

According to the information the project was proposed to sanction of 50 cluster development projects under North Eastern Region Textile Promotion Scheme for Rs 2920.50 lakh.

The state has submitted the query report on November 11, 2014 but the Central government Project Approval and Monitoring committee (PAMC) meeting is awaited said the source.

Another project from the same department under the secretary, Ministry of Textile, for upgrading of 10836 primitive looms and construction worked under technology upgradation component of North Eastern Regional Textile Promotion Scheme (NERTPS) for about Rs. 6826.69 lakhs is also pending even though State government has re-submitted the proposal on January 21.

Under the Ministry of Textile office of Development Commissioner for Handloom fund from NERTPS for Rs 165.00 lakhs for technology upgradation for handloom sector in State proposed the release of Rs. 165.00 lakhs on November 6, 2014 but the Central government is awaiting the PAMC meeting.

The proposal for sanction of one cluster projects under the Comprehensive Handloom Development Scheme for Rs 57.44 lakhs is pending though under process. The state has submitted a query on February 12, 2015 for approval from Commerce and Industries Department government of Manipur.

The proposal for the release of Rs 235.76 lakhs for consolidation of 33 numbers of cluster projects under the comprehensive Handloom Development Scheme(CHDS) which the query submitted on January 6 is under process from the Central government.

Another Rs 77.60 lakhs is also pending for the same proposal of four cluster projects under comprehensive Handloom Development scheme. In all 51 cluster Development Project under NERTPS are awaiting the release of Rs 722.18 lakhs.

The Ministry of Textile has also asked to revise another 31 group Approach Project proposal under Comprehensive Handloom Development Scheme for the release of Rs. 50 lakhs, but the DPR and State government still has not submitted the revised proposal.

A similar proposal for 347 groups approach project under the comprehensive Handloom Development Scheme also awaits the release of Rs. 46.62 lakhs. The state department has submitted query report for this on August 27, 2014 but the proposal remains still under process at Sentral ministry level, said the source.



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