Lamshang will gift a BJP MLA from Lamshang constituency in 2017: Phijam Pakchao


IMPHAL, March 31: The Lamshang Constituency will elect a BJP MLA as a gift to BJP Manipur Pradesh in the 2017 Manipur Legislative Assembly election said Phijam Pakchao ex-candidate and active member of BJP.

Addressing a one day political conference cum online enrolment drive held at the Awang Wabagai under Lamshang Assembly Constituency, Pakchao further said that today is the last day of the national online enrolment drive.

He said from his side, the Lamsang Mandal, around 5000 members enrolled by paper forms submitted to the State president Th Chaoba.

He further said that BJP is targeting to change Manipur from the coming ADC election and then the Manipur general election 2017. The BJP hopes to win most of the 60 constituencies of Manipur, he added.

The Lamshang Mandal has assured the party that in the coming general election Lamshang will gift a BJP MLA to the party he said proudly.

Not only this, even though the national online mission for enrolment campaign ended today, the Lamshang Mandal is targeting another 10,000 members enrolled to the BJP during April and May, he said.

That day a grand political conference will held where the BJP will show its strength in the Lamshang constituency Pakchao said.

As a chief guest of the function BJP Manipur Pradesh Th Chaoba said that the enrolment campaign conducted nationwide has nearly reached 10 crores people according to the latest information from the National BJP office.

Even though membership has not yet touched the 10 crores figure target for the first five months of BJP rule at the Centre set by the national president Amit Shah and Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the BJP is already the biggest political party in the world, he said.

Chaoba further said in Manipur, BJP membership has reaching three lakhs, both by online registration and paper forms submitted. This is a climb from 12,000 members when he was appointed as BJP president on December 9, 2012, Chaoba added.

People of the hill districts now support the BJP impressed by the development plans of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, he said. Before this the tribal population generally considered the BJP as the anti-Christen party and communal, he said.

He said people should know which party is really anti-Christen or communal according to past history. He said that Abdul Kalam was elected and supported as President of India by BJP but in the second term he was rejected by the Congress party. The Congress party has also been spreading propaganda on BJP`™s stand on cow slaughter to create misunderstanding amongst the hill people about the party, he charged.

Manipur is a small family without much means of income generation. Unemployment is rampant creating tension among the family members all the days. Corruption has also become endemic because of this, he said.

In a single term an MLA today can accumulate crores of rupees, he said adding 30 years ago, when he was elected MLA and then Union Minister, not a single unearned rupee was accepted unearned, he claimed.

The Congress government is expert in misusing money by manipulation of developmental work in the State, he charged further citing the example of the Leisang Hiden development from which many crores of rupees were siphoned off into individual pockets.

The water scarcity faced by the Manipur people even though we received enough rain water is due to none implementation of water policy by the government, he said. The current government policy is to fill up community ponds and construct community hall over them in each village, he further charged.

In the function O Malesh BJYM President, RK Pramodini President Mahila Morcha were present as guests of honour.


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