MLA Ibomcha lodges FIR against Dr Khomdon Lisam for writing articles which he claims hurt his dignity


IMPHAL, March 26: MLA L Ibomcha Singh has lodged an FIR against Dr Khomdon Lisam charging that an article written by the latter against the passing of `The Manipur Regulation of Visitors, Tenants and Migrant Workers Bill, 2015,` mentioned words which hurt his dignity.

The article written in English language titled `How can we salvage the Manipur State Legislative Assembly?` was carried by local dailies, Sangai Express on March 17 and 18 and Hueiyen Lanpao on March 17.

The Imphal Free Press also carried this same article but with the libellous sentences removed.

Keishamthong Kendra MLA Laishom Ibomcha Singh lodged the FIR at Imphal Police Station on March 21 and as a response, Police have registered a regular case against Dr Khomdon Lisam under FIR No 88(3) 2015 Imphal Police Station u/s 124A/186/189/505(2) Indian Penal Code (IPC).

In his article Dr Khomdon Lisam said `now the Manipur State Legislative Assembly has passed the Manipur Regulation of Visitors, Tenants and Migrant Workers Bill, 2015 against the wishes of the people. Is it not funny?`

`I cannot imagine why and how they become so worthless. The worst part is that they have done it not due to ignorance or lack of knowledge but due to their timidity and cowardice without thinking for the future of our young generation of Manipur.`

`This bill is found quite contrary to what the people want. The people of Manipur want some law to protect the rights, identity, customs, culture, traditions, religion, land, language, script and mineral resources of indigenous people of Manipur.`

`On the contrary, the Manipur State Legislative Assembly wants to protect their vote banks by protecting the rights of the migrant workers coming from outside Manipur and from Bangladesh and Myanmar and ensure their security.`

`The mistake our Honourable Chief Minister Shri O Ibobi Singh has committed is his too much reliance and confidence in Shri L Ibomcha Singh, opposition MLA, who happened to be the law secretary at one time. He is using his legal knowledge and expertise in destroying Manipur.`

`Honourable Chief Minister might have genuinely wanted to fulfil the demands of the Joint Committee on Inner Line Permit System (JCILPS). But Shri L Ibomcha Singh might have warned or threatened the Chief Minister about the possibility of declaring such an act as unconstitutional and the possibility of the act being struck down by the Supreme Court or High Court. They could not see any other option,` Dr Komdon said in his article.

IFP contacted the complainant in the case, MLA L Ibomcha Singh. He said since 2012 he has been involving in demanding the implementation of Inner Line Permit System or a similar regulation in Manipur.

He said he was also part of the expert committee of FREINDS, which had taken major roles in pressing the demands earlier.

He said the remark made by Dr Khomdon in his article about him was like giving `obituary reference` of him.

He also clarified that he never met the Chief Minister in private regarding the matter.

He added that as he had lodged a complaint to the police, they will take their course of action regarding the matter.

Meanwhile, IFP also contacted Dr Khomdon Lisam regarding the matter. He said two police officers came to him today at around 1 pm and informed him about the case.

He said MLA L Ibomcha Singh is a highly qualified man who held the post of law secretary earlier.

He said he will not apply for anticipatory bail or do anything in regard to the case while maintaining that he was only expressing some views for the people of the State.


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