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Swine Flu spread effectively arrested

IMPHAL, March 28: Swine flu positive cases have not risen in the past fortnight and remains at five, according to information available with the Directorate of Health Services, Manipur. It may be recalled, the first case was detected on March 5.

In all 16 suspected to have been infected with the H1N1 virus which causes Swine Flu were admitted at various hospitals in Imphal, and their swab samples had been sent for lab test at a facility in Mumbai. Tests on 13 samples have returned but only five among them have been confirmed positive so far and eight others were tested negative, the information said.

Two of the five, unfortunately could not be saved from the fatal flu.

Test results of three samples are still to return, but from the symptoms as well as the improvement the patients have shown in the meantime, their results too are anticipated to be negative, the information said.

The arrest of the spread of the virus, many knowledgeable sources said could be on account of the concerted campaign to make the AYUSH preventive medicine, widely availability of the public.



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