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Women vendors, shopkeepers stage sit-in against bomb blast

IMPHAL, March 12: Strongly condemning the bomb blast at Khwairamband Keithel Temporary Market on March 11, women vendors`™ associations and shop keepers jointly staged a sit-in-protest today at Khwairamband Keithel.

Almost all the busy market places such as Ima Market Paona Bazar, Thangal Bazar, Masjid Road, Alu Gali, and Temporary Market remained close protesting against the frequent bomb blast.

Speaking to media persons, Ph Liklai Leima, president of Ima Panthoi Mari Suba Temporary Market, said that they strongly condemned the barbaric act which has been frequently happening in the state.

`We are only daily earner and why is this happening all the time? We are not satisfied with the present Government. We have now completely lost our faith in the Government,` said Ph Liklai Leima.

She further said that various mother`™s association, shopkeepers and other daily wage earners are now seriously disappointed and disheartened with the government as this (bomb blast) has been frequently taking place in the State.

Ph Liklai Leima strongly urged the government to find out who is responsible for the frequent blast that is happening in the state.

Bihari, a member of Roadside Welfare Vendor Association, Ima Keithel, urged the Government and whoever was responsible for the blast not to play with the lives of the people.

`If any untoward incidents happen in future, Government should take full responsibility,` said Bihari.

Various association of Ima Keithel have strongly demanded the State Government to install CCTV cameras within 5 days in and around Ima Keithel.



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