KCP claims Tombisana skulls were of victims of torture


IMPHAL, April 18: The Kangleipak Communist Party (KCP) has claimed that the human skulls and bones recovered in the erstwhile Tombisana High School compound on December 25 last were victim of extensive torture in the hands security forces.

A statement by Mangal Meetei, the outfit`™s commander of Valley Operation Crime Control (VOCC), said that in the year 1994/95 with the objective to uproot the KCP the then MLA Keibi Binoy set up a combined force called `Tha-kaba force`™ in collusion with `Indian Force CRPF`™ these forces which mainly comprises KCP deserters, hunt down militant groups.

It further pointed out that former home secretary of the outfit Sanjenbam Babu alias Loyalakpa of Lambuikhun Imphal East Sagolmang went missing after joining the Thakaba force and his whereabout is not known till date.

After having murder Baji Y Ibohanbi, the founder of KCP, Babu tried to desert Thakaba and re-join KCP however unfortunately he became victim of enforced disappearnance in the hands of Thakaba.

It said that those human skulls and bones recovered from Tombisana are victims of extensive torture meted out by Thakaba and CRPF.


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