KCP (MC) observes 35th Rising Day


IMPHAL, Apr 15: Kangleipak Communist Party (Military Council) observed its 35th Rising Day on April 14, according to a press statement of the outfit signed by its commander in chief Nongdrenkhomba.

According to the statement, floral tributes were offered to the leaders of the outfit who had helped in the formation of the outfit and a two-minute silence observed in memory of the leaders on the occasion at the outfit`™s headquarter.

The observation was presided over by commander in chief Nongdrenkhomba while chief of army Laishram Guru attended as guest of honour, the statement continued.

In his address, the commander in chief said the KCP was formed on April 13, 1980 with the main objective of gaining independence and to bring a revolution among others, it said.

It continued that the KCP (MC) continues to follow in the footsteps of its past leaders although there might be some changes in strategy.

The outfit`™s leader further called for unity among the indigenous people and to raise a united voice, it said. He said it is not the time for the people of the land to fight amongst themselves.


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