KNF (N) justifies Tanglallian killing; VPC, YVA and Zillai declare the joint statement issued earlier null and void


IMPHAL, April 3: The award of capital punishment to Thanglallian Vaiphei is appropriate and justifiable as per the constitutional guidelines adhere to all its cadres irrespective of rank and files within the organization, press statement signed by commander in chief of KNF (N) James Kuki said.

The statement further said Thanglallian Vaiphei was an active member of the organization and holds some key posts like, Hqtrs C.O, Daitwi Camp and later, finance secretary of the outfit`™s Hqtrs Division until he left the organization of his own without the knowledge of the High Command.

He was advised by the higher authority to report to the based camp to justify as to why he left unconditionally. Despite many reminders, he never paid any heed to the summons being sent to him, the statement continued.

Since he left the based camp, he took up gang activities in the area with likeminded persons and involved in the abduction for ransom of Guwahati based construction Agency ABCI Pvt. Ltd on March 2, 2014, and later on the 23rd of January 2015 in the name of the organisation, the statement maintained.

He was given several chances on humanitarian ground for his return but all in vain, it said.

`We have no other option but to award him capital punishment as per the constitution of which he himself had took an oath of affirmation when he joined the party in 2013,` it said.

`He was not given death penalty as being a Vaiphei tribe but as a cadre of KNF (N) for going against the principle of the organization,` it said.

The Joint declaration was signed by the three organizations of Eastern Block namely, YVA Jt. Hqtrs, VPC & Zillai and hand out to the press before they took up inquiry whether Thanglallian was really an innocent or not, it said.

It has appealed the higher authority of the three organizations to look into the matter to withdraw the declaration signed by the trio saying that it is an indirect encouragement to the gangsters who took up anti social elements in the area.

Meanwhile, in a separate press release, the Vaiphei People Council (VPC) Eastern Block, Young Vaiphei Association- Joint Headquarter and Zillai (Vaiphei Student`™s Association) block have said that the joint declaration made on April 1 was done without the knowledge of the respective parent bodies of the organizations.

It further said that the said organizations are established to serve specific area/district and are neither the rightful and competent authorities to speak on behalf of the larger Vaiphei community nor are they authorized to do so.

The joint declaration is to be treated as null and void stated joint statement issue by Vaiphei People Council (VPC) GHQ, Young Vaiphei Association (YVA)-GHQ and Zillai (Vaiphei Student`™s Association) GHQ, it said.

As a peace-loving tribe, it is our sincere and earnest endeavour to live in harmony with all communities added the statement signed by all the presidents of the GHQ.


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