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Locals of Ningthoukhong Kha decry land acquisition notice

IMPHAL, April 13: Ninthoukhong Kha decried the land acquisition notice of the Government of Manipur and resolved to knock the legal door for justice.

Speaking at a press conference yesterday at Ningthoukhong Kha, Bishnupur District, former minister Corporation and Art & Culture, Khundrakpam Jibon Singh who is also the president of Khudi Thibi Loukol Sericulture cum Horticulture Multipurpose Cooperation Society said that the land measuring 119.95 acres located at Ningthoukhong Kha is owned by the locals.

Dag chittha of 1968 showed the land is owned by locals separately but is somehow another document, Dag Chittha of 1969, also showed the same land as owned by one individual, Khoirakpam Manikchand S/o Kh Iboton @ Heithumba of Ward No 4.

Jibon said this is ridiculous for according to MLR LR Act 1961 and Rules thereof a person cannot posses a land piece more than 7.5 acres. He said that there is something fishy in the revenue office.

On further query, the revenue office mentioned that yet another dag Chittha was acquired where the whole land was marked as `Khas Land`™ or no man`™s land and notice has been served to acquire the said land by the Government for an upcoming projects.

Former president of the society Sashikumar Singh said that on an earlier notice from the Government, they have submitted the original documents to the revenue office. A few days later, the office was burnt down with the documents in it in the year 2004.

He charged that the office was intentionally burnt down to forcefully grab the land from the ordinary peasants.

On the other side some of the locals are still paying their land tax at the revenue office till 2014, Jibon said.

The confusions over the land ownership has made live miserable for the victimised 64 families of the Ningthoukhong Kha said former minister, elaborating that the locals will plea before the court for justice.

He said that the locals are not in the state of mind to cultivate their farms in the fear that the Government would acquire the land from them.



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